Monday, July 18, 2005

Scene 7: Comic Con

Set scene: Comic Book Convention, San Diego, CA. Friday, 7/15/05.

Again, for such a crowded public event, the tall comments were at a minimum. Only tall incidents of note are as follows:

1) Saw a guy who was at least 7'5" running around. I could tell he had been in the vicinity when I heard everyone around me start saying. "Damn, that guy is tall!" I contemplated commiserating with him about the tall thing but instead decided to let him go about his geeky, comic-book-loving day with one less comment about his height. Poor guy must get harassed a million times more than me.

2) Random comic book geek walks by.. says he'll dunk on me anytime. I say whatever and keep moving.

3) Relatively tall guy (about 6'3") walks up and starts asking how tall I am. I say 6'5. He then points out a girl standing off to the side that's 6'3" and says he was just wondering if I was as tall as her. She comes over and starts asking me where I get my clothes. I'm always happy to share ideas/info w/ other tall girls, so like I said before, I don't really count this as harassment. Disclaimer: Other tall people still might! Disclaimer #2: Tall for a girl starts at 5'10", IMO, so if you're any shorter, you don't qualify for the exception!! Don't come up to me at 5'8" and complain about finding pants!! I WILL NOT PITY YOU! Tall for a guy, IMO starts at like 6'3".


At 2:58 PM, Blogger Kat said...

i feel lucky because standard tall sizes fit me. however... i dig that you and brian are so tall. :)

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so on the money! It is very tiring to hear people, even my mother, who are only 5'8" or so complain how tall they are or how they can't find pants. Gimme a break. Even worse are friends who are so short they have to hem their pants and they complain about it. I need a shirt that says: "you're lucky there's enough fabric at the bottom of your pants to take off, so SHUT UP!"


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