Sunday, August 21, 2005

Scene 24: Gilly's

Friday night some girlfriends and I went to this cowboy bar on the Strip. It was country night AND the Toby Keith concert after-party. Yee haw. (We had no idea - we just went for the bull-riding.) Anyway.. I got three comments in all, none of which was particularly exciting...

FIRST: The bouncer checking ID's was sitting in a little ticket booth.

Bouncer of undeterminate height: Wow, you're about as tall as me.

Me: How tall is that? (I'm cynical mind you, b/c many times when I've played this game with a guy who is sitting down, he stands up and discovers he's not nearly as tall as he thinks. Even funner is the game where I'm sitting down and the guy bets he's taller than me. Ha ha ha. Anyway..)

Bouncer of undeterminate height: 6'7" (stands up to show me - clearly very very tall)

Me: Wow.. cool. (Dumbfounded.. impressed.. )

SECOND: Walking through the bar/club. Drunken cowboy walking the other way sees me and says: DAAAAAAMN!! I don't _know_ that he was referring to my height, I guess. In situations like these I just tell myself that they're really impressed by my naturally curly hair..

THIRD: Same kinda deal as the second. Just remarks in passing like: "Damn" and "Woah" - that kinda thing. Don't even know really who was saying it. Too crowded to tell.


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