Monday, August 01, 2005

Scene 14: Clerk's office

Apparently it's been a slow week for tall-comments. It's probably mostly b/c I stayed in w/ friends most of the week & weekend. But then Saturday I went to Target AND Bed Bath & Beyond, and still nothing! I thought for-sure I'd hear something there, but no.. nada! I was starting to get a little worried.. starting to feel a little ordinary even.. maybe even a little lonely... but then today I went downtown to court for a personal matter, and the silence was lifted. It wasn't bad either. Here's how it went down:

African-American teen in county clerk's office: Wow, how tall are you?
Me: 6'5"
Him: Wow, that's awesome!!
Me: (Distracted by the clerk answering my question, I turn away and talk to the clerk. I turn back to him thereafter.)
Him: (Repeats to ensure that I heard) Wow, that's awesome!!
Me: Thanks (Smile)

I thought about taking his picture for the blog, but he was too sweet to ridicule. You could see the future-fetishest thoughts brewing in his little teenagad head though..


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