Saturday, October 29, 2005

Scene 68: Big O Tires

Guy behind the counter asks how tall I am. I tell him, even though I'm wearing my "Six Five" shirt. (CRAP, FORGOT AGAIN!) He asks if I'm of Mexican descent. I say yes. He asks if I speak Spanish. I say yes. He tells me he knows where my family is from - Chihuahua. I tell him no, Sonora actually. Apparently the tall Mexican basketball players are all from Chihuahua.

Later he hears me on the phone with Brian, my fiance. After we say I love you and hang up, the guy starts asking me if I'm happy w/ my boyfriend. I say yeah, we're getting married in a week and a half. He asks if Brian treats me right. I say yeah. He asks if Brian's white. I say yeah. He asks if I only date white guys. (He was Mexican, fyi.) I told him I usually dated guys who were tall, and most tall guys happen to be white, so yeah. "No Mexicans?," he asks. "If I had found a tall Mexican, I might have dated him, but I never found any. I'm the only one I know of." The conversation lasted about another half hour (the amount of time it took for them to put my new tire on). He asked A LOT of questions in that time, but I won't bore you w/ the details.


At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Bronzie said...

You never met any tall Mexicans? My biological father is Mexican and he was 6'5.(Never met him) I have also dated 2 Mexican men who were 6'2 and 6'4.

Maybe the guy at the tire place knew some tall Mexicans and that is why he was a bit baffled.


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