Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Scene 62: Funky Murphy's Bar, Worcester, MA

After my friend's open-bar wedding, a group of us drunkely made our way to this Irish Pub. When we got there, I realized that I had taken my ID out of my wallet at the airport and forgotten to put it back. So me, a 27-year-old, couldn't get into the bar. My friends and I pleaded with the bouncer. I showed him both my Nevada AND my California bar cards. I showed him both my undergrad and graduate school ID's, my AAA card, even my Costco card! A girl I was with even offered to show her boobs! But nothing worked. Finally, I resorted to crying. I had had a few drinks, so it wasn't hard to get the tears going.

So... in the middle of me crying, trying to get this bouncer to let me in, this other guy walks up and asks how tall I am. I sniffle.. say "6'5".. hope the bouncer pities me more now... and then go back to crying. In the end, it didn't work. I ended up hanging out at Dunkin' Donuts next door w/ 4 cops, my pregnant friend, and my Asian friend who's allergic to alcohol.

I guess the point of this story is that tall-harassment can come anytime, any place. And that some people care more about finding out how tall a crying girl is, than about finding out why she's crying.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger yournamehere said...

The bouncer wouldn't take the boob flash for admittance? You weren't in Vegas, huh?


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