Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scene 56: The Whiskey @ Green Valley Ranch

Bars are the best. This weekend I went to another bachelorette party. We broke into teams and did a treasure hunt at this bar/club in this casino. As soon as we walked into the casino, a short drunk guy threw himself at me and started saying I was his dream girl. Awe... That may not sound like a tall comment on its face, but given the fact that he threw his arms around me and nuzzled his head into my boobs, I think it counts.

Later on in the bar, it was the usual tall comment after tall comment, all mostly positive. I can't really remember most of them.

One does stand out though. Part of our scavenger hunt involved finding a guy named Michael and dancing w/ him. It was ridiculously difficult. Finally, we found him outside. He was happy to dance with us. After we got our group picture, he focused his attention on me, saying, "Hey there Big Vanilla!" I can't remember what all he was saying, but he basically grabbed me, dipped me, turned me around, and smacked me HARD on the butt, the whole time talking about Big Vanilla this and Big Vanilla that. It was crazy.


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