Friday, September 23, 2005

Scene 44: Reno/Tahoe INTERNATIONAL Airport

I'm in line, patiently waiting to board the plane, hoping I'll be lucky enough to score an emergency exit seat, when these old yuppie ladies with pleated shorts and visors come up behind me. The smallest one says: "Wow, you make me feel short." Her friend, realizing the ridiculousness of her remark, takes it upon herself to point out the obvious to her impish little friend: "You are short." The small one gets pissed. Apparently her friend struck a nerve. All offended-like, the small one whines: "I am NOT!"

Really, she was. BUT, unlike some people, I am too polite to point out the obvious.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger demondoll said...

Just keep smacking the idiots upside their heads. I am 5' if I stand w/ perfect posture and my husband is 6'6". People are COMPELLED to point out our disparity in height-'cuz how else would we know?
Some people just have to hear themselves talk...


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