Friday, September 23, 2005

Scene 43: Brew Brothers Bar in Reno

Combine me with a bar full of binge-drinkers and you have A LOT of height comments. So yeah, here are the ones I can remember.

1. Outside the bar, as a dumb frat guy is walking past me, he jumps up like he's trying to dunk on me. I turn back and go after him. I push him and tell him he's an idiot. What can I say? The liquor made me slightly bolder too.

2. In the bar, a guy comes up and asks to high five me, saying my height is awesome. I say cool and put my hand up as high as it'll go for him to go high.. Dang.. he's too short to reach. He then proceeds to tell me how tall everyone in his family is. Fascinating.

3. Repeat number two w/ a totally different guy. Maybe he saw the other guy trying to high-five me and wanted to see if he could succeed where others had failed.

4. Tallish guy (about 6'3") sees me walking by and says, "Woah, you're tall!" I say, "You're one to talk!"

5. Drunk tallish girl (about 5'10"), actually the wife of the guy in #4, tells me how cool/beautiful I am for being so tall. I'm super-flattered, since she was pretty damn hot herself.

6. I remember there were some references made to the disparity in height b/t my friend Jeanny, who is 4'11", and me. We just hugged and told everyone that even though our bodies were totally different, our brains were exactly the same, Awe..

That's all I can remember.. I'm sorry. I'm sure there were more. It was pretty much a constant topic of conversation, from what I can recall.


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