Sunday, January 08, 2006

Scene 201: Taco Bell

I'm at lunch w/ a co-worker. This little girl and her grandma come over and sit down at the table next to ours. I get up to get a refill or something. As I'm walking back to my table, the little girl sees me, stares and says "Whoa..." Grandma says to the little girl:

Granny: She's tall, isn't she? How tall are you anyhow?
Me: 6'5"
Granny: That's beautiful. Do you play basketball?
Me: No.
Granny: Well, it's beautiful anyway.


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous wildcatjim2000 said...

I don't believe in classifing people whether short or tall were all human beings.Even if you are taller than most be proud of it.I'm only f ft 9,who really long as you are satisfied with your self,to hell with the rest of the world
Best Of Luck
wildcatjim2000/Jim Haney


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