Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Scene 26: Robinson's May

Monday I went to the Clinique counter at Robinson's May to pick up some $17 eyeliner. I got a parking spot next to the entrance.. only had to go through one other department to get to the make-up. Everything seemed to be going great... until I got to the makeup counter.

Real quick - why the hell don't they have clearly designated lines at these damn places? Or numbers? How the fuck are the retarded bitches behind the counter supposed to know who got there first?? And how come only the bitch in the white lab coat is authorized to grab my tube of eyeliner off the shelf (as opposed to all the other lazy, caked-on-face, smug bitches sitting behind the other counters)?? Anyway..

So this hag in front of me is chatting up the snatch in the labcoat. What cream do you recommend for my gnarly face? What toner will burn off my face and replace it with something less horrific? Will this lipstick last me four months? Will this makeup go bad? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

So I'm standing there.. all kinds of annoyed. I mean, really... no firming, toning, smoothing anti-wrinkle anything was going to cure this lady's problems. She was butt. That's all I'm going to say, for fear of being labelled a superficial bitch. Anyway..

Smug-bitch-in-the-labcoa, in between totally ignoring me and answering ass-face's mongoloid questions FINALLY makes eye contact with me and then says to ass-face, "She's so tall!!" And then ass-face looks back.. says. "Yeah." And goes back to her stupid questions. Then smug-bitch-in-the-labcoat looks back at me again and REPEATS: "You're so tall!!" I gave the usual "I know." She then proceeded to ignore me for another 15 minutes. She's got time to take a breather to cover the height issue w/ me, but can't hand me my $17 eyeleiner???? I ended up storming off in a huff w/ out getting to buy jack.


At 9:18 AM, Anonymous dytz said...


perhaps said out of anger, perhaps not.

something to be said about "two wrongs" and something about "making it right"?



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