Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Scene 27: Dillard's

This was just after my second failed attempt to purchase overpriced eyeliner, so you can understand why I'd be testy. After storming off from the Robinson's May counter, I go over to Dillard's, only to find out they don't have the eyeliner I need. Reeling over the fact that a girl could spend 45 minutes at a mall attempting to give people $17 for a tube of eyeliner, and still come away with nothing, I walked back through the labrynth of departments toward the exit. About two feet in front of me is this young little yuppie family. Daughter was about 9, a total Dakota Fanning look-alike.

Bizarro Dakota looks back at me, and, while still staring at me, and still walking TWO FEET IN FRONT OF ME, tugs her mom and says, in her clearest outside voice: "Oh man, she's tall!!" Instead of scolding the child for her apparent rudeness, Mom looks back and stares at me too!

I was already so pissed about the eyeliner, that this undisciplined child was the last thing I needed to deal with. Nevertheless, I looked at little Dakota AND her mother and said in a very angry, very loud, very serious voice: "I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE, AND I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING YOU'RE SAYING!" I was also talking with my hands in that condescending fake-sign-language kinda way - like maybe they were deaf and just assumed I was too??? Mom and daughter were both stunned. I pushed passed them and left the store, thinking, "Why do I even leave the house???"


At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Becky said...

I just recently found your website, and it's AMAZING. I absolutely feel your pain. I've been 6'1" since I was 13 (Not quite as impressive as you, but irritating none the less). I get most of the same comments as you- basketball, volleyball, modeling- but there's one you havn't mentioned (perhaps because it doesn't apply) that just drives me crazy. I can't STAND it when people tell me not to wear high heels. They actually tell me not to. Complete strangers will see me in heels, making me 6'4"-ish, and tell me "Don't wear heels." What would inspire them to say something like that? WHY?? I just don't get it.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Cladeedah said...

I'm glad you found the blog Becky. Thanks for the kind words.
W/r/t the heels, I don't wear them. Mostly it's cuz I can't walk in them, but it's also partly b/c the few times I have worn them, I've forgotten I was wearing them and bonked my head on a couple doorways. But yeah, people can be really dumb and rude. Long legs look even hotter in heels though, so if I was you, I'd tell ppl to eat shit and keep looking hot in high heels.

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Megan said...

haha. you have one amazing blog i might add. quite humorous. ehh im 14 only about 5'11 but hell i think im still growing. and yaa being the tallest through school is hellish. haha they all assume your good at basketball ( even though im pretty into the sport and play it) its crazy. but ya.thoughtd id leave a comment. have a nice day =] later

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous dytz said...


it appears that your entourage is growing. Of course, you always do continue to have quite a following.

Perhaps it's the quick wit, or just je ne sais quoi.

Regardless, tall or short, the impudence and lack of compassion of people on the street continues to roll one's way.

Anyone have a tank to spare? I have some aggression I need to bleed out.

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Randi said...

claudia go to the mac counter at nordstums at the fashion show and ask for a girl named melissa. she is a friend of mine, and will hook you up with whatever you need. then tell her that my cell phone broke and have her boyfriend call me haha...but seriously go see her shes awesome

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Jen said...

"Why do I even leave the house???"

Because, dear, you love scaring small, large-mouthed children by towering over them and gesticulating wildly.


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