Sunday, January 08, 2006

Scene 202: Fireside Lounge @ The Peppermill

Almost forgot about this other New Year's Eve comment. So it's 3am, and I am dead tired. I am trying to get my group to start heading home, so I stand up to get the group going. These guys at the bar see me, apparently don't see my wedding ring, and one of them basically asks me to come home with him and sleep with him.

In the middle of all of this, a scary, punk-rock gay guy comes barreling at me from out of nowhere and asks:

Scary punk-rock queer: Can I take a picture with you? (Camera in hand, ready to flash)

Now for those who haven't been reading this blog far back enough to remember the Sea World incident, listen carefully.. I HATE BEING ASKED TO POSE FOR PHOTOS BY STRANGERS IN PUBLIC!

Me: (Taking several steps backward and away from him, just in case he tries to snap a quick one w/ out my permission - retreating toward the sleezy guys hitting on me no less) No, actually, you can't.
Scary punk-rock queer: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. I thought you liked being tall.
Me: I DO like being tall. What I don't like, is being treated like a freak.
Scary punk-rock queer: Oh no, you're not a freak. I'M a freak. I'm only 5'3"! Look at me, I'm the freak!
Me: (he wasn't getting any arguments out of me)

I think my husband noticed something was up and interrupted at that point. The scary gay kid scampered off when Brian came over. After all was said and done, I kinda wished I had gotten a picture of him for the blog. He really was a sight to be seen as far as tall-harassers go.


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Josephine 6'6 said...

I like to be photographed. I deal with the attention I get to 95% in a positive way. (unless the person is drunk and repeats his comment five times over, that's annoying)

Does it make me in your eyes to a "freak"??


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