Friday, July 07, 2006

Scene 217: My kitchen

Speaking of footstools....

The other day a repairman came over to fix our mounted microwave. As he's reaching up trying to unscrew the top of the microwave, he says:

Repairman: Excuse me.... do you happen to have a footstool I could use?
Me: (Thinking, "Are you kidding me?") Um... no.
I don't really need one. You can probably guess why not.
Repairman: I figured. Just thought I'd ask.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scene 216: Rainbow Library

So we're at a kids' piano recital. After the recital, Brian, my husband, gets up to get some juice and cookies. All of a sudden, this guy goes up to him and says:

Random guy: Wow, you're tall! Do you have any idea how much money you could make putting things on shelves for other people? I'm serious! You could totally make like $30 per hour! SERIOUSLY! You should totally look into it. You could really make some money!

Now, I wasn't standing right there, so I don't know exactly what Brian said to him. I DO know that Brian was pretty annoyed that the guy just assumed that if he wasn't putting things up on high shelves for money, he was wasting his life away. (Brian is a graphic artist/art director, mind you.) I think Brian just threw out a half-hearted, "Oh yeah?" and then walked back to me and told me the story.

A few minutes later, the guy comes over to the both of us. He sees me and says:

Random guy: Wow, there are two of you! Hey, I think you just found your apprentice! Did he tell you what we talked about? I'M SERIOUS! You guys should look into it. I used to work for the movie industry and they always needed tall people to put things on the high shelves.

Me: They can't just use footstools?

Random guy: No way man, they keep the delicate stuff up top. They don't want to put someone up there on a stool. I'm telling you guys - they're always looking for tall people. It's good money!

I pretty much stopped listening after he repeated himself for the third time.

Later, Brian and I joked that our business name would be something like Top Shelf, Inc. Our logo would be a footstool in a circle with a slash through it. The slogan would be something like: "No one else can put it on the top shelf like we can."

I must say, this is one I definitely had not heard before.