Monday, September 11, 2006

Scene 221: The Dry Cleaners

I'm dropping off clothes at the front desk, when this Asian guy, about 5-foot-2, comes out of the back to ask:

Asian Dude: Hey, how tall are you?
Me: 6'5"
Asian Dude: You play basketball?
Me: No.
Asian Dude: Volleyball??
Me: No.
Asian Dude: Nothing???
Me: No.

Then he just went back to the back. Why are people so disappointed when they find out I'm not some WNBA star?


I think I've found my new favorite hotel chain. Kimpton Hotels offers Tall Rooms with 96-inch beds, raised shower heads, mirrors, toilets, door frames, ceiling and bathrobes. I can't wait to stay there!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scene 220: The Mall

I'm walking in the mall, when I hear a faint little voice call up to me from far, far below. It's this tiny, frail old lady with huge glasses. She's maybe four-feet tall and 60lbs. She looks up at me all aghast and says:

Frail Old Lady: Are you seven feet?
Me: No. I'm 6-foot-5.
Frail Old Lady: ALMOST seven feet!
Me: No, not really. 6-foot-5.

What's another 7 inches from all the way down there though, right?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Scenes 218 & 219: Nordstrom Rack & Target

I'm at the Rack, when this tall lady with an accent comes up and says: "Can I ask you a really weird question?" As always, I'm skeptical that the question is in fact really that weird, so I say yes, ask away. The lady asks where I get my jeans.

Ah-hah, just as I suspected. The question is not weird at all! I tell her. She thanks me, and I go on my way.

No more than 15 minutes later, I'm in Target and this tall lady with a baby comes up and says, "Excuse me, can I ask where you get your jeans?" She apologizes for bothering me, and I tell her it's okay, she's the second person in the last few minutes to ask. Then we chat about where to shop.

So, for the record, I prefer Tall Girls UK, followed by Long Elegant Legs and then Long Tall Sally.

Feel free to harass me for clothing advice if you're a tall lady. I would hope other tall girls would extend me the same courtesy.