Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Scene 198: Fast Food Place at Casino

My nephew and I are sitting at a table, waiting for our order when this older lady comes up to us and says:

Older lady: Can I ask how tall you are?
Me: 6'5"
Older lady: Oh wow. The reason I ask is because the doctors say my granddaughter is going to be 6'4" when she grows up.
Me: Yep, kids are getting pretty tall these days..
Older lady: And I saw you standing in line and I thought, "Wow, my granddaughter's going to be tall and beautiful like that some day."
Me: Oh, thanks.

Scene 197: Movie Theater

My nephew and I are in line for tickets when this lady comes up to us and says:

Random lady: I just HAVE TO KNOW, because my son thinks he's tall, and we were over there trying to figure out how tall you were. How tall are you??
Me: 6'5".
Random lady: Oh wow, 6'5". My son is tall too, he's right over there.
Me: Oh.

As she walked away, my 11-year-old nephew says, "Get your camera out!" No such luck this time - I had brought the small purse. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scene 195: Junior High School Xmas Concert

Brian and I are at my nephew's winter concert (he's in band). Afterword, we are walking through the hallway, when a little girl approaches me..

Little girl: What's your feet?
Me: What's my feet? You mean how tall am I?
Little girl: Yeah, how many feet are you?

Two other kids huddle in to join in the conversation.

Me: I'm 6 feet and 5 inches.
Little girl & Little kids: Woahhhhh.....

Brian then comes over and the little girl asks him..

Little girl: How many feet are you?
Brian: I'm 6 foot 6.
Little girl & Little kids: WOAHHHHH...

We had to run to catch up to my nephew, so that's when we left..

I found out later from my nephew that some kids in his class were oohing and ahhing when they saw Brian and me walking around before the concert. They didn't know I was his aunt. He told them that I was his aunt and that they better not come up to me and say anything about being tall or else I'd take a picture of them and make fun of them on my blog. Awwwee.. no wonder only 3 kids came up to us. They must've been the only ones who didn't get the memo.

Scene 196: Court

I can't even keep track anymore. I made a note about someone asking me about basketball at work, but I can't remember the situation. Oh well, basketball harassment logged.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Scene 194: 99-Cent Store

I'm w/ Brian. The lady working the register sees us and says:

Cashier: Ya'll are tall. How tall are you??
Brian: Guess.
Cashier: 6'6"
Brian: That's right.
Me: Well, I'm 6'5. He's 6'6"
Cashier: Yeah, my brother's about as tall as you guys. Do ya'll play basketball?
Brian: Nope.
Cashier: My brother don't either. Well, he tells people he does, but he don't. He calls himself a basketball player just cuz he's playin' intermurals.

(Everyone in line is apparently eavesdropping on our conversation. They all laugh.)

Scene 193: Xmas Tree Lot

A huge redneck lumberjack-looking guy sees Brian and I checking out the trees and says:

Huge redneck lumberjack: You guys are tall - do you play basketball?
Me: No. Do you?
Huge redneck lumberjack: No... So you guys find one that you like yet?
Me: Not yet.
Huge redneck lumberjack: Ok, just let me know when you do!
Me: Ok, thanks.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Scene 192: Starbucks

So the AAA guy comes out to unlock my friend's car after she locked her keys in it at Starbucks. After I was done signing all the forms (we used my membership), the AAA guy, who is like 5'5" says:

AAA Guy: I once had a girlfriend as tall as you.
Me: (Unable to control my shocked reaction) YOU??
AAA Guy: Yeah.
AAA Guy: Yeah!
Me: Oh, wow.. Cool.

So then I go inside and start telling my friend about how the AAA guy told me he once dated a girl as tall as me. The Starbucks clerks overhear and one seizes the opportunity:

Starbucks girl: How tall ARE you?
Me: 6'5"
Starbucks girl: Wow, I wish I was 6'5".

I just smiled. I used to tell people "No you don't," but I don't anymore. Like I said before, the rewards of knowing you are "special" far outweigh the disadvantages.

Scene 191: County Building

I get into the elevator with this lady who is about 5'4". (Did I mention yet that I'm ridiculously good at estimating other people's height? Many theories surrounding why, but that's not what this post is about. Anyway..) Here's how our chat went:

County Worker: I have a really weird question to ask you, I hope you don't mind..
Me: (Somewhat intrigued.. A weird question? How fun, what could it possibly be about???) What is it?
County Worker: How tall are you?
Me: (HEY! That's not a weird question! In fact, that's the SAME OLD QUESTION!! ::SIGH:: Here we go again..) 6'5"
County Worker: (Honestly, I can't really remember what all she said next.. something about her getting jipped in the height department, something about all the tall relatives she's got in her family, something about how she has to hem all her pants... She talked to me about her being short and me being tall all the way to the parking lot, which was like 10 minutes away. She was nice and friendly though, so I won't make fun of her too bad for it.)

Scene 190: Christmas Party

A short, older black man comes up to me and yells out:

Short older black man: Girl, I am so mad at you for having all that height! It's not fair!
Me: Why are you mad at me? You should be mad at your parents.
Short older black man: (thinks for a moment) Ha! I like you! I like the way you think!

Scene 189: Nail Salon

I stopped going to my old nail salon. It's a long story. Anyway, I'm at my new nail salon. A young Vietnamese girl comes over and quietly starts working on my nails. After a short while, she points to me and says:

Vietnamese Nail Girl: Tall.... Model.
Me: Oh, no. Thanks.

Scene 188: Clerk's Office

So the court clerks are decorating the office for the holidays.. I walk past, just as two ladies are trying to figure out how they're going to get the gold bow on top of the Christmas tree. I know exactly what they're going to say.. As soon as the fatter one sees me, she says, "You're tall, put it on top of the tree!" Now, one of my readers complained in the comments section a few posts back about how annoying it is when smaller people expect taller people to do things for them when they can't reach. I actually enjoy doing it though. I think it's kinda my own way of trying to make other people jealous of my height. :-)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Scene 186: Chinese Restaurant

I ordered some soup to go.. After about 10 minutes of me standing there waiting, the hostess finally breaks her silence and says:

Hostess: You tall.
Me: I know.

Same old same old..